Continuation Road

Continuation road:

The golden age of the steel road racing bicycle is celebrated with the Eroica events worldwide.  Lugged, skinny tubed with a straight top tube and threaded 1 inch steerer, the first bikes I rode and raced, so they also have a strong emotional connection for me.

Continuation frames are built using authentic Columbus SL or SLX tubing and original frame parts and components, to be Eroica eligible in material and spirit. With a bicycle that is safe, reliable and fun to use for more than special events.

I started building these types of frame after a customer and close friend asked me to build a frame following two broken vintage frames in events, and the desire to enjoy these great rides with a touch more piece of mind, and keep his collection for display. The build above started with a pair of Mavic 500/550 RD hubs and Shimano Dura Ace NOS dropouts, the rest of the Mavic, Modolo and Suntour components took several months to source while the frame was being built, a project in its self, as these rare components become increasingly scarce !

The colour scheme was designed to accentuate the satin finishes and period look of an early eighties professional road bike with a French flair . The frame was also designed to take up to 28mm Paris Roubaix tubulars as the events venture onto gravel and unlisted roads, to add a touch more comfort, and gives these bikes a road + usability in a classic concept. Not for racing today, more the old timers of the bicycle world, but with amazing events and a vibrant and passionate community spanning all generations, wonderful to enjoy !